Today has been a historic and very busy day for President Donald Trump. He has been in New York for the big United Nations meeting this week and found some time to visit with his buddy, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

However, it was not that meeting that shocked everyone. Hell, it wasn’t even his renewed promise to create peace between Israel and Palestine.

President Trump opened up the first ever PERMANENT US military base in Israel today.

The new base will be located within the Israel Defense Forces Air Defense School in southern Israel, near Beersheba. It will include barracks and other buildings for troops to be stationed in and will focus on intercepting various “Aerial Threats.”

The move is a giant show of unity for the US and Israel and comes just one day after Hamas and Fatah made a deal to acknowledge the Palestinian government in Gaza. There is no doubt that this is a response to their move.

No matter how you slice it, there is no downside to this new base. Hell, maybe we can close the Saudi Arabian and Afghanistan bases since they have NEVER been trustworthy anyways.

If y’all support this deal and Israel, help get this shared everywhere and let them see where America stands.

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