Democrats called out President Trump to donate his billions after two hurricanes destroyed a few Southern states, his million dollar donation has silenced the peanut gallery.

President Trump

America has been devastated by hurricane after hurricane for as long as the country has populated the southern states off of the Gulf of Mexico and yet President Trump will be the first President in American history to donate a million dollars of his own money towards much needed relief efforts. Liberals can complain that President Trump is a cold hearted businessman who seeks to destroy America’s way of life but that isn’t what’s reflected through his actions.

Yes President Trump has an outrageous amount of self earned income and assets, but he has refused the presidential income and now given a million dollars to help the Americans affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma, proving that money is his game but America is the goal.

Via Liberty Writers:

Just a week ago, President Trump promised he was gonna give a MILLION dollars personal donation to the Hurricane victims.

Watch Here:

The media said he was bluffing, but look what just happened over the weekend…

President Trump gave his promised $1 Million to multiple charities that needed it!

*The American Red Cross – $300,000
*The Salvation Army – $300,000
*Samaritan’s Purse – $100,000
*Reach Out America – $100,000
*ASPCA – $25,000
*Catholic Charities – $25,000
*Direct Relief – $25,000
*Habitat for Humanity – $25,000
*Houston Humane Society – $25,000
*Operation Blessing – $25,000
*Port-light Inclusive Disaster Strategies $25,000
*Team Rubicon – $25,000

President Trump

President Trump has spent the majority of his first year in office doing everything he claimed would be his goal while on the campaign trail in 2016. Meanwhile President Obama completely lied from the start to finish of his eight year run in office which includes his famous ‘you can keep your coverage if you like it’ BS that was the slogan for the now detrimental healthcare program that does NOT allow you to keep anything.

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