A selfish woman in a public restaurant humiliates an American disabled veteran who requires the use of canine assistance because in her ‘opinion’ it’s gross.

A recent video posted to social media has gone viral after an African American woman verbally attacks the presence of a canine in the local establishment she had intended to eat at. An elderly American military disabled veteran happened to be in the same public restaurant with his canine assistance which was unacceptable to the woman in question. Instead of deciding to leave right away when her disgust for animals in a food establishment was realized by the presence of a seeing eye dog, this woman decided to openly express her disgust to the entire restaurant with verbose and unnecessary shaming of an elderly man who was simply trying to order dinner.

Disabled veteran

During the video it is expressed that the offended woman is married to a man whose father served in the US military and her objections have nothing to do with the mans age or military service but the presence of an animal in a restaurant is what upsets her.

Valid. However, as a public establishment it isn’t up to her what is or isn’t appropriate, and if she isn’t satisfied with her he service there is a very simple solution to her unease, leave.

Regardless of her opinion being correct or not, it’s the actions that are pathetic and to be ashamed of.



Watch Here:


One can’t help but wonder if her husbands father wasn’t in need of a service animal would she still be disgusted by its presence in a restaurant? What about toddlers who need service dogs? Should they be removed or quarantined inside of a restaurant for having different needs? Better yet, what If this woman had an infant who required canine services, I guess she would be fine with this sort of treatment at every grocery store and restaurant she attempted to enter because her presence would be considered disgusting.

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