BREAKING: Biological Weapon Warning Issued For This State – Here’s What Americans Need To Know Right Now

United States Department of Homeland Security has officially released dates  for the release of chemical and biological weapon testing to take place out in the open.

Biological weapon

In 2018 the border between Kansas and Oklahoma will experience a biological weapon’s test which involves the realease of toxins into the air with the purpose of showing the public how ‘safe’ remaining in doors during such an attack would be. Seriously? How can the DHS possibly assume that they are 100% certain this test won’t negatively impact the environment and communities closest to this testing?


Homeland Security officials have said they plan to execute a “low-level outdoor release” of inert chemical and biological simulant materials during at two buildings within the Chilocco Indian Agricultural School (Chilocco campus) in Newkirk, Kay County Oklahoma. The tests have been confirmed to be taking place around January and February of 2018, and then again during June and July 2018.

According to DHS, this biological weapons test is designed to show how protected people would fair when staying inside if biological agents are used in a terror attack.

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What is the point of this possibly harmful testing, to prove that’s not harmful? What a complete waste of time and taxpayer money.