Liberals have been crying for a month about how sinister and racist and horrible Trump supporters are. They are SO LOUD that they can’t  seem to hear what is REALLY going on. Check out this idiot for instance. He was just caught graffiting Anti-Trump messages on buildings. The worst part? He is a big name city attorney, and now he’s on our sh*t list.


VIA|Surveillance video released by Philadelphia law enforcement appears to show that a city attorney was involved in an act of anti-Donald Trump vandalism Friday.

The Philadelphia Police Department’s Northwest Division originally posted the video to YouTube to attempt to locate the perpetrators, who spray-painted the message “F— Trump” onto a grocery market wall. Police estimated that the damage is between $3000 and $10,000 “due to the composition of the stone used during the construction of the facade.”

What police likely did not expect is that one of the men– seen sipping from a glass of red wine and wearing a blazer– would turn out to be Assistant City Solicitor Duncan Lloyd.

Here’s the video that got the lawyer busted:

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