TMZ has obtained an audio clip of one of Kanye’s doctors calling 911 call. Looks like he legitimately lost his  mind for a while there, so much that his doctors were in fear for their lives. One of them even be heard saying, “…make sure there are no weapons where he can grab them.”

Pretty intense if you ask me!

VIA|TMZ has obtained the 911 call regarding Kanye West’s hospitalisation and once dispatch got the details on his condition the operator said, “Make sure there are no weapons where he can grab them.”

Kanye’s personal doctor, Dr. Michael Farzam, placed the call on November 21.

TMZ reported on Wednesday that the rapper has checked out of the hospital and is now back at his home with his family.

Kanye, 39, left UCLA Medical Center in the company of his wife Kim Kardashian and his personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam, adds the website. X17 was the first to break the news that Kanye had checked out of the hospital.

Here is the audio clip:


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