Muslims TRY To Force Islam On Americans Then They Realize They’ve Made A HUGE MISTAKE

Americans want to know how many Muslim are there really in the United States?

Americans carried out a study using pewresearch in 2015, showing there were approximately 1.8 million Muslim who embraced Sharia Law.


This research displays a clear picture of just how many Muslims are in the world creating the second largest religious group after Christianity.

As of now, it is the fasted-growing major religion and is expected to exceed Christianity by the end of this century. In the United States there are about 3.35 million Muslims ranging from all ages and about 58% are immigrants.

The ongoing growth and combined impact of the Islamic State and other extremist groups committing acts of violence in the name of Islam has created a political debate for Muslims and the Islamic faith in many countries including America.

Many people in United States are negatively affected by the acts of violences and hate created by Muslims and wonder if they are attempting to take over America.

From conservativepost:

Are Muslim immigrants really all peaceful people just looking for a better life and the American dream?

If the following video tells you anything it’s that Muslim immigrants do indeed have a dream, but it’s not the American dream. It’s a dream of America SUBMITTING to Sharia Law.

They may not yet have the numbers, but that isn’t stopping some Muslim immigrants from trying to FORCE American Christians to bow before Islam.

In this disturbing footage, a gang of Muslim thugs surrounding a Christian in Dearborn, Michigan and attacks him for, well, not being Muslim.

Police and local security intervene and put down the assailants. But this is happening – not in the Middle East or Europe – right here in our own backyard, and its needs to be stopped.

Watch these Muslims attack Christians because of Sharia Law in the video below:

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