Hillary Clinton has an inner evil unlike anyone else, that has not been well masked over the course of her career as Secretary Of State. We truly dodged a bullet when nearly the entire country went red on election night, and perhaps some of us didn’t even know how bad it would have really been under her ‘reign.’ Her list of executive orders has just leaked, and had she become President..this country would have been doomed. Check this out:

VIA| Most of us know we dodged a major bullet when we escaped having Hillary for president. We can all take a GIANT exhale knowing that Hillary Clinton didn’t win. Her failure to win the White House was a major win for the world, the United States, but more importantly, the American people.

Nowadays, being the President has turned into being the King of the US, at least that’s how it was for Obama. Obama had nearly unlimited capabilities, which is what led to him to bypass Congress and essentially do whatever he wanted for eight long years.

We thought Obama was bad? Think again, Clinton pledged several times to go beyond Obama and use executive actions for anything Congress would not allow.

Had Hillary won this election, she would have possessed the power to follow through her many evil agendas. It would have literally destroyed this country.

This was discovered by a Democratic insider, who turned on his party and leaked Hillary’s list of Executive Orders that she planned to sign into law. See them for yourself:

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