It would seem that this years football season is the NFL versus the President of the United States.

And President Trump’s latest move is going after the league’s tax breaks.

The NFL, like churches, charities, and other nonprofit organizations, have been granted a tax exempt status. The league office was granted its tax exempt status in 1942.

The Internal Revenue Service classified the NFL as a trade association, meaning it is exempt from federal income taxes. Exemptions under the 501(c)(6) tax code include business leagues (trade associations), chambers of commerce, real estate boards, boards of trade and professional football leagues.

President Trump doesn’t understand why the NFL is getting massive tax breaks while at the same time they get to disrespect the Anthem, Flag and the Country, and he feels it would be better to change the law.

According to bretibart:

Team owners usually reap big tax breaks from local, state, and federal officials to help build expensive new stadiums and keep a football team in the community.

Fox News Tucker Carlson featured the issue on the special tax loopholes that NFL sports leagues on his show on Monday night.

He focused his segment on a bill sponsored by Congressman Matt Gaetz to end special tax breaks for the NFL.

Gaetz said that Congress should not be subsidizing the NFL with tax breaks “particularly when the NFL league office has embraced this unpatriotic behavior.”

Although the organization gave up its non-profit status in 2015, NFL stadiums have received an estimated $6.7 billion from taxpayers over the last two decades.

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