There have been protests scheduled on the day of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. Protestants have already started planning an anti-capitalist march, with road blockades and disruptions to inauguration balls.

A source even told The Daily Caller this Friday that there will likely be property destruction also.

According to the source, the blockades are not only limited to roads, but they will also be at every security checkpoint. The protesters blockading each checkpoint will be a representation of a different liberal cause such as climate change or money in politics.

The organizers for #DisruptJ20 plan to start the protests on Jan. 18th with a gay dance party outside of Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s Chevy Chase, MD home.

Fox News reported that #DisruptJ20 plans to “crash” the pro-Trump “Deploraball” on Jan. 19, which was also later confirmed by The Daily Caller’s source. According to the same source, the plan is also to disrupt several of the balls on inauguration night.

The Fox News report also described an anti-capitalist protest emanating from Logan Circle on the morning of the inauguration. And, according to the Daily Caller source, this will result in property damages.

The inauguration will be secured by thousands of police officers across the nation, 5000 National Guards troops and local police officers.

Peter Newsham, Interim Metropolitan Police Chief, said at a press conference, that the D.C.police were made aware of protest plans by anarchists and that they will be “able to handle it.”

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  1. Terry hummel

    Each and everyone who does not have a permit to protest or assemble should be locked up and charged with some kind of criminal crime. Do not remember this kind of behavior when BHO was elected.

    • Pat Stevens

      Even if they have a permit, if they destroy property then they should be locked up as well. The Constitution provides for peaceful protest, not destroying property or hurting others to prove your point.

  2. Sal

    They had better thank the Good Lord for living in the United States . If they lived anywhere else and tried this they would probably be blown away in a heartbeat.

  3. Mary

    This is so sad, we need to stop tolerating all these idiots. Snowflakes are assholes and they need to start paying the price for this nonsense. Never, ever have things been this bad…..Obama this is your doings….the world was in much better shape before you destroyed it!!


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