CNN has proved what a joke they are as a “news” network by continuing to employ reporter Jim Acosta.

While it’s obvious that everyone at the liberally-run network hates President Donald Trump, and Acosta embodies everything anti-Trump, his outright stupidity should be more than enough for the network to drop him.

Acosta reminded us just how bad he is at being a liberal reporter when he uploaded a video to Twitter, in which he stood next to a what seemed to be a section of a steel barrier along the southern border.

Take a look:

Acosta recorded the video hoping to prove that Trump was wrong, but in reality, he just proved by border walls are the only acceptable way to protect our country.

It wasn’t a surprise that Fox News’ Tucker Carlson put in his two cents about Acosta’s ridiculous viral video, and he didn’t disappoint.

The Daily Caller writes:

Tucker Carlson began his show on Thursday by mocking CNN’s Jim Acosta for the video he posted on Twitter — wherein he appeared to provide a perfect example of the effects a wall would have along the southern border.

Acosta was in McAllen, Texas to cover President Donald Trump’s visit to the border. As Acosta awaited the president, he took a video of himself wandering along a segment of the border that is already protected by a wall.

Take a look at what Carlson had to say:

Carlson states in the video, “We’re not getting a barrier along our southern border. We can’t, not now, not ever. That possibility was permanently destroyed today by a fact-seeking missile of truth launched by one of our country’s premier cable news outlets in a single devastating act of journalism, CNN killed the wall. Took their biggest guns to do it. The network dispatched its chief White House correspondent/moral philosopher/renaissance poet Jim Acosta to the U.S.-Mexico border.”

That’s when Carlson aired Acosta’s viral video in which the CNN reporter claimed that it was “tranquil” where he stood in McAllen, Texas.

This prompted Carlson to point out, “You see that? Take that, you nativist bigot freaks, you creepy wall obsessives. Jim Acosta just spanked you. He was there, not in some cushy air-conditioned studio in Washington with the rest of the talking heads, but in the field, on the scene, doing the kind of hard-boiled shoe-leather reporting that has made Jim Acosta a household name. Acosta went right to the wall itself. The very wall he finds immoral and has often argued against at press conferences. And what Jim Acosta found there will shock you, not a single illegal alien was anywhere near that wall.”

Carlson chewed Acosta up and spit him back out, but he wasn’t the only one who poked fun at the liberal reporter. President Trump just had to send out a tweet of his own:

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