We were all so very wrong, folks. Most everyone thought that Antifa had hit their lowest low when they ran around attacking the elderly and burning family cars. NOPE!

Now these lunatics have found an all new ally in their resistance of President Trump which shows just how insane their ideas really are.

Antifa is defending Kim Jong Un’s fascist regime and saying Donald Trump is the real problem.

So let’s get to the meat of this whole thing. You have 2 major Antifa organizations, Refuse Fascism and Worker World Party, who both HATE the President. They hate him so much that after the August 5th UN Security Council meeting where more sanctions were put on North Korea, the two groups united to defend their fascist heroes.

Refuse Fascism, for example, described the event as “the largest military power in the world bullying a small, isolated country and terrorizing the people of that entire region.” They also claimed that the US was using a “playbook of demonization” against the defenseless Kim Jong Un. Totally untrue.

The Workers World Party is just as bad. They are a Marxist group that puts out their own propaganda like “Self-defense and the DPRK” and “Korea won’t be intimidated.”, two editorials suggesting the US is the real threat and N Korea is being oppressed.

So these are the people in the US we are dealing with. They are not fighting for human rights. They are not fighting against Trump. They are fighting to bring down the constitution and everything we hold dear. Help share this out and show them we will not be intimidated by Antifa or North Korea.

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