Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton may technically be retired from politics, but that is not gonna keep him from talking about it. He has one piece of advice for President Trump that he thinks is the ONLY way left to win in Korea.

Bolton said it’s High Time we help South Korea conquer North Korea and end the Korean War.

The former UN Ambassador sure as heck did not mince his words when he went on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” and said,

“The only diplomatic option left is to end the North Korean regime by effectively having the South take it over.”

When the stand-in host tried to argue with Bolton that his solution was not “really diplomatic”, he fired back,

“Well, that is their problem, not ours. Because anybody who thinks more diplomacy with North Korea, more sanctions, whether against North Korea, or an effort to apply sanctions against China, is just giving North Korea more time to increase its nuclear arsenal, increase its ballistic missile capability, increase the accuracy of its guidance systems and put us, South Korea, and Japan in more jeopardy.”

Plain-and-simple. Look, a war with North Korea sounds terrible. It sounds bloody, expensive, and potentially nuclear. However, if we wait the outlook simply looks grimmer. If you think Trump should take Bolton’s advice, let him know by sharing this everywhere.

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