After Meeting Trump in person, This Family Set Media on Fire With What They Think About Him Now

President Trump and First Lady Melania arrived in Texas again today to meet some of the survivors in person and serve them food. They wanted to let the victims know that they cared for them.

Many of the victims at the shelters were very skeptical about meeting Donald Trump, after all the media says he is a big bad bully who hates minorities. When they finally did meet him in person, they were quite shocked and here’s why.

When he approached them with genuine neighborliness, they started engaging back and even took selfies with the president.

There was another photo of a family that met with Trump. As it turns out, the Harvey survivors who took the selfie with Trump were not fans of him before actually meeting him in person.

ABC 7’s Elex Michaelson tweeted:

Wow, so it seems that while the president is disliked by many Americans, if they would just give him a chance maybe he wouldn’t get so much hate.

This is a great story that the mainstream media will not report, so it is up to us to share this as much as possible so more people can get on the train!