I wonder if Japan’s citizens are LOSING THEIR SH*T  like American libs over the fact that their President is looking to put his people FIRST.

I highly doubt they are angry over a leader doing what is right for his people…

VIA| UNITED NATIONS – Japan’s prime minister said Tuesday that his nation needs to attend to its own demographic challenges posed by falling birth rates and an aging population before opening its doors to refugees.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced at the U.N. General Assembly that Japan is ramping up assistance in response to the exodus of refugees to Europe from the Middle East and Africa.He said Japan will provide $1.5 billion in emergency aid for refugees and for stabilization of communities facing upheaval. But speaking to reporters later Tuesday he poured cold water on the idea of Japan opening its doors to those fleeing.

“I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees we need to have more activities by women, by elderly people and we must raise (the) birth rate. There are many things that we should do before accepting immigrants

– Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

He said Japan first needed to attend to domestic challenges which he proposes to tackle under a revamped economic policy that aims to boost GDP to a post-war record level, while bolstering the social security system to support families.

“As an issue of demography, I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees we need to have more activities…

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  1. Yuko Takei

    We want our country safe from terrorists that is why. We know that this refugee issue should be the concern of the United Nations Organization where Japan pays big portion of our taxpayers’ money and therefore we expect them to do their jobs over there. So,. why should we protest against our government’s desire to keep us all safe?

  2. Yuko Takei

    Besides, we, the people, know that ours is a democratic country, and a democracy is supposed to be a government OF, FOR and BY the people, and we understand that very clearly.

  3. Lyndon Pack

    The Japanese Government is doing it’s job, protecting it’s citizens! Something that liberals in the West are incapable of wrapping their heads around!

  4. Paul Marks

    I live in the U.S. and Fully support Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s posture. I voted for President Trump, he’s a good man as I speak for the majority of my people. Make no mistake, we are battling the Liberal socialist mindset flowing out from Washington to California likened to a plugged up toilet. The illegal’s are not wanted here and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) have been greatly empowered to oust them out

  5. C Hollis

    PM Abe, you are Sopt On! Yes, Japan needs to solve their own domestic problems prior to accepting the problems of other countries, foreign governments that are not or will not solve their own problems are looking for week people and countries to take on their problems. Stand by your decisions and do not falter.

    From a US Citizen that has spent 21 years in Japan over a 45 year span.


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