Trump made promises on the campaign trail that rang true to many patriots in the nation. As soon as he became President, he began making good on all of those promises..and libs are absolutely losing their minds over it.

These people are used to empty promises from the left side, as Obama had let them down for 8 long years. SO, to see man actually FOLLOWING THROUGH with his promises is very confusing. They are handling it the only way they know how.

Check it out:

VIA| On Thursday The Gateway Pundit reported on a piece from the New York Times that pointed out how CNN is literally killing itself.

From The New York Times:

Unfortunately, in the past 20 months CNN’s management has let down its viewers and its journalists by sidelining the issues and real reporting in favor of pundits, prognostication and substance-free but entertaining TV “moments.”

On Friday CNN delivered more evidence to back up the New York Times claims that they are “sidelining the issues and real reporting” with a piece they put out about President Trump.

In the article CNN takes a bit of a swipe at the American people by calling the people who voted for Trump “disgruntled voters.”

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