This new discovery could save lives around the world. Terrorists are not backing down, and are taking full advantage of a broken world. It seems no matter what the authorities do, terror groups are finding way to wreak havoc, and it is important we stay aware as well. We all must come together and put an end to the terror!

VIA| It is up to all of us to stop radical terror. Hopefully the Trump administration will take terror seriously when the Obama administration did not.

President-elect Trump understands that these are not people we can reason with. We have to destroy them and their hateful ideology before it destroys us.

But we still haven’t figured out a sure-fire way to stop terrorism and terrorists from acting.

One woman has claimed she has discovered a hidden mark that can help determine who may be planning a terrorist act.

Do you see it??

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What do you think? Is this forehead burn just a coincidence?

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