Liberal and M*slim are banding together  in an effort to somehow radicalize Trump into making him look like some sort of Nazi-style figure. Get real. Libs can’t seem to connect the dots of Sharia Law and the fact that it goes against EVERYTHING they claim to be fighting for. They hate gays, they don’t believe in women’s rights, they encourage genital mutilation. WAKE THE HELL UP!

The treatment of gays in the islamic culture is one of the sickest things you’ll see today.

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VIA| The same liberal hypocrites who chastise conservatives for opposing gay marriage seem awfully quiet about the Islamic State group having posted pictures showing a homosexual man in Iraq being executed for simply being gay.

The exact date of the murder remains unknown, but according to the U.K. Daily Mail, the man was accused of being a homosexual and then subjected to a Shariah court trial, much like Santa was one month ago.

Muslims view homosexuals as apostates, so not surprisingly, the homosexual man lost the trial and was soon after sentenced to die.

Militants then led the man up the stairs of a tall building, covered his eyes with blindfolds, bound his hands with restraints and then shoved him off the roof as a large crowd of civilians watched.

Unfortunately, such despicable murders occur quite frequently in the Middle East, where any deviation from fundamental Islamic law, known as Shariah, is treated with the harshest of punishment.

Gay Man Executed In Iraq 4

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  1. Melinda

    This is beyond wrong,they are trying to play god,like it’s up to them to judge. It is okay for them to rape and/or molest young children and then turn around and punish someone for being gay? What a bunch of hypocrites!


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