Bombshell new evidence confirms the terrifying claim that in America there is a domestic Islamist group known as the Muslims of America, and the group is potentially on the verge of going active, according to a national security and counter-terrorism expert. The details are chilling. Check it out:

VIA| Ryan Mauro of The Clarion Project, in conjunction with the Christian Action Network, issued a chilling report near the end of November revealing information they had received from confidential sources inside of a domestic Islamist group known as the Muslims of America.

The MOA, formerly known as Jumaat al-Fuqra, is a Pakistani-based organization led by Sheikh Gilani, who has ties to both Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood and is believed to be operating 22 separate training camps across the U.S.

Recent reports indicate that members of the group had begun arming themselves and training in earnest in preparation to do battle with the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump.

Gilani reportedly entertained the conspiratorial belief that Trump is a pawn in a broader satanic-Jewish effort to destroy Islam as part of apocalyptic end-times prophecies, and he is willing to wage jihad against Trump in order to prevent that from happening.

Sources within the group warned that group members had been instructed to prepare for the FBI “to reopen its cases against them as a homegrown terrorist organization.”

Members have also been informed that they must “be prepared to fight” if and when the expected law enforcement raids against their camps begin. Though the instructions to members were largely described as being merely “self-defense measures,” there has reportedly been talk within the group of going on the offensive if it is believed that armed conflict is imminent and inevitable.

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