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I’m not a roller coaster kind of guy for the mere fact that technology fails. And maybe it is no big deal when your computer shuts down and you have to restart it, or the chip reader on a credit card gives you trouble. But what if your CHILD is on a ride that is 130 feet in the air for 6 hours? That kind of stuff happens…check it out:

VIA| Sky Cabin is no roller coaster, it is a slow moving ride that rises high which gives those on board a sky-high view of Buena Park. At its apex the ride reaches 180 feet

Knott’s Berry Farm first released a statement just after 6 p.m that informed the public that the ride first malfunctioned around 2 p.m. The statement continued, “The Sky Cabin is a fully enclosed revolving observation ride. After the Knott’s Berry Farm maintenance team made several attempts to bring the attraction down, we contacted the Orange County Fire Authority to assist.”

Approximately 36 firefighters arrived near 5 p.m., according to the Los Angeles Times. An Orange County Fire Authority assured not one of the trapped riders was hurt or in danger and that firefighters are trained for just such situations. It was about 7:30 p.m. when fire crews began lowering riders the 130 feet from where the structure came to a halt. The riders were brought to the ground using a safety harness.

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