Uh Oh!! Big fail!! Mariah Carey’s meltdown performance had on national television was a sight to see. Every household that was watching the Time Square performance were either majorly embarrassed for the lady, or laughing their butt off…yeah, it was that bad. Check it out:

VIA| The diva couldn’t help but storm off the stage in New York’s Times Square during the New Year’s Eve telecast on ABC after what seemed like a technical issue from the 80’s came roaring back – the wrong lip-synced track played during her performance.

Carey appeared more than perturbed and on right on the edge of tears as she refused to sing some lines of her songs. She stormed around the stage, asking for the monitors over and over again to be turned on during her performance, before attempting to salvage any last bit of her set by dancing briefly.

However, she just couldn’t make that last long, and ended up saying into her microphone: ‘I’m trying to be a good sport here.’

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