She LAUGHED During Her Drunk Driving Sentencing…The Judge Shut Her Up Quick!

Drunk driving is one of the most insanely careless things that a person would do. If you worked at a coffee shop and you were visibly drunk they wouldn’t want you at work that day. And all you are doing at that point is putting a liquid into a cup.

Now, the idea that some people think that they can operate an automobile while drunk out of their gourd just shows a basic lack of respect for their fellow man.

Amanda Kosal killed a man and injured his fiancée because of her drunk driving. As the family members of her victims read impact statements at Amanda’s sentencing, two of Amanda’s family members started to laugh.

They quickly learned this judge wasn’t going to tolerate this as one of them was thrown in jail for their courtroom antics.

 In the video below, you see the judge expelling one of the drunk driver’s relatives. Then Kosul’s mother gets up and tries to storm out. She apparently was yelling in the hallway. Judge Qiana Lillard had her dragged back in and sentenced her to 93 days in jail for contempt of court!

Wow! I’m glad to see a judge take this seriously. It is rather inhumane for these women to troll a family after her daughter killed their loved one. Jerome Zirker’s fiancée is now left to raise five children alone and these fools think that is funny.

 Watch as Donna Kosal gets immediate justice for her actions in the video below!

Donna Kosul appeared in front of the judge the next day after spending the night in jail. She was singing a different tune complete with tears and an apology. The judge cut the sentence short, but she didn’t let her forget how horrific her actions were.

It appears this woman learned her lesson. I just wished the judge had sentenced her to some sort of community service for this family. She should have been forced to scrub their toilets.