COVID-19 is indeed a very destructive biological weapon that is currently destroying the lives of many.

From economic destruction to health scare claims that have been causing governments to enforce strict and ridiculous mandates that are very manipulative.

Recently, a miracle drug was discovered and was reportedly the single drug that has dropped the massive cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia overnight.

But up to this moment, we are still baffled why the Biden Administration has been reluctant to authorize the usage of the miracle drug.

They even claim that this drug called Ivermectin was a “horse dewormer because of its use in veterinary medicine but in much larger doses.

This drug was even endorsed by Former-President Trump himself too, but the left will always hate Trump and everything he suggests.

Number 1 fact is that the PLANdemic means business, so the left will love more Big Pharma to push more vaccines and boosters that means nothing as to more vaccines we take, mandates get a little bit dicier.

Just recently, FDA got busted for colluding with Postal Service to block shipments of Ivermectin from reaching their intended recipients.

Attorney Aaron Siri shared a Tweet that reads one letter:

“A shipment addressed to you from a foreign country is being held by the post office at the request of the US Food and Drug Administration, The FDA is working with the post office to hold packages containing ivermectin. The FDA could better use its resources to, I don’t know, publicly release the docs submitted by Pfizer to license its mandated liability-free V earlier than 75 years from now!”

And another tweet by another user reads, “The FDA is restricting distribution of Ivermectin, via the USPS.”

The Biden Administration will surely do whatever they can to stop good things from happening.

Source: DeepStateRabbitHole

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