Culprits nowadays are pretty common.

More incidents have been reported that muggles and robbery are happening more to vulnerable victims like children and elderly citizens.

Doreen Jones, an 81-year-old UK Woman who recently fought off an attacker who attempted to steal her cash and ATM card.

As of now, the culprit is still not been caught but she was believed to be pregnant and has given birth by now according to local authorities.

The 81-year-old woman has very feisty skills and lots of life inside her as she easily grabbed the woman by the hair and collar. She responded by screaming before she takes off running away from the ATM.

Surveillance footage capture the entire incident when Jones was seen collapsed after the woman fleed from the scene. Luckily, an ambulance immediately responded and took her to a nearby hospital where Ms. Jones was treated for minor injuries.

Doreen Jones has said that she will never allow anybody to steal her hard-earned money easily, and she will stand up and fight for it.

Unfortunately, it was reported that Jones have suffered heart attacks and anxiety after the incident and she is now afraid to go out alone.

Nonetheless, this should serve as a warning to all to avoid being the victim.

Doreen Jones may just have proved that age is just a number and self-defense is everything we ever needed.

Source: Sharesplosion

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