The NFL football legend Jim Brown accompanied by legendary middle linebacker Ray Lewis were spotted in Trump Tower, for a meeting with soon to be President Trump. Trump has had a collaboration of meetings throughout the weeks to try and tackle the ongoing issues in our nation’s neighborhoods. This election is a YYYYUUGGE win for the people.

VIA| After Barack Obama destroyed race relations and the liberal left ran a campaign of lies, feeding a false narrative about a bigoted Donald Trump to minorities, the now-President-elect has his work cut out for him. To heal the divide, Trump is meeting with leaders in the black community, including legendary football great Jim Brown, who shocked many with his description of the encounter — and it only took 6 words.

Trump has been meeting with African-American leaders at Trump Tower in New York city this week to discuss issues facing the black community. Those leaders included football great Jim Brown, The Gateway Pundit reports. With Brown being a known Hillary Clinton supporter, many were anxious to hear what he’d say about his meeting with Trump, but it’s safe to say, a lot of leftists aren’t going to like his words one bit.

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