After all this wasted time and taxpayer money due to a recount votes (thanks to green party member Jill Stein), there has been one positive outcome: Exposing the massive voter fraud in Detroit. Some how the city has more votes then voters. If Stein never had the recounts, we would have never known what these Democrats had been up to for years.

VIA| If Jill Stein’s sham recount effort has proven anything, it’s that Democrat voter fraud is a very real and very prevalent issue.

Discrepancies have turned up all over Detroit, a city that the American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson describes as “a city controlled by Democrats as long as most Americans have been alive.”

Last week, there were concerns about the number of votes not matching the voter rolls in Detroit, to the point where they were in danger of not being counted in the recount at all.

Now reports indicate that well over a third of the precincts, in a city where 95% of the votes were cast for Hillary Clinton, had more votes than actual voters.

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