It’s funny, I think that liberals don’t quite know what to do as they are watching their crooked democracy come crashing down as they weep in the streets of DC screaming ‘He is NOT MY PRESIDENT’.

News flash. He is your President. After threatening acid attacks and death upon Trump supporters, there’s no wonder there was less attendance than the previous inauguration. Would you show up to an event you may never come home from?

Well, despite the threats there WAS  a huge turn out, and against the loony left’s will, Trump swore in like a true gentleman. As memes cover news feeds about attendance, I think they forgot one crucial detail. Check it out:

VIA| The liberal media was giddy Friday afternoon noting how many fewer people had packed into the National Mall in Washington, DC for President Trump’s inauguration compared to the 2009 inauguration of former President Obama.

The photos they shared on social media certainly showed far fewer attendees for Trump.

What they purposefully left our of their “reporting” was that violent anti-Trump protesters were preventing a huge number of Trump supporters from attending the inauguration.

The Washington Post, one of the few media outlets to report on the phenomenon, wrote:

At John Marshall Park’s checkpoint, Black Lives Matter protesters – chanting ‘Shut it down’ – did just that. Five men chained themselves together, preventing anyone from passing and forcing police officers to redirect attendees to other entrances.

“It feels great that we closed the checkpoint,” said 28-year-old Aaron Goggans, one of the organizers. “But we know this is just the beginning.”

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3 Responses

  1. Dean

    Judging by the plastic cover President Johnson was shown using, it would appear that the weather might have been a factor, too.

  2. James

    The main stream media suffers from LIBERAL INSANITY which causes them to lie uncontrollably.

  3. Lost

    Lmao oh you rights.. sorry your asshat of a president is completely laughable.. he is without a doubt the joke of the world, and let’s be honest here when all is said and done, you’ll wipe your lips clean, and say yes daddy may I have another… great article btw. Haha


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