What Obama just told reporter, Trevor Noah is sure to tick you off. This is coming from the guy that won the election off of white voters that believed in him to make a change. Well, the change the American people desperately hoping for was definitely not what they got. And Obama still think you’re racist.

VIA| Obama made this statement on the Daily Show with the equally as condescending or horrible FAKE-NEWS ANCHOR, host Trevor Noah. Noah couldn’t help but feel giddy about pointing out their similar biracial backgrounds, and asked the outgoing president how he had maneuvered about talking on race through his White House tenure… Did I mention this was actually an interview with a FAKE NEWS ANCHOR? Seriously.

The president said he had held onto a belief that ‘those who are not subject to racism can sometimes have blind spots… I always felt that if I always knew that and communicated it as clearly as I could, that I’d be OK.’

The president also claimed that he has had to sit back and think about how to talk about racial issues ‘diplomatically.’

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What do you think of Obama’s statement about racism?

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