If this store owner is anything…it is BRILLIANT. Check out one man’s approach to hiring only people right for the job, and as in many instances- that excludes liberals.

Check it out:

VIA| A good example of this would be their utter contradiction when it comes to police and firearms. There is the liberal who thinks that only police should have the right to carry a gun, and then on the other sits the liberal social-justice keyboard warrior who thinks that all police are racist and there is nothing more to them.

So now it’s gun control for police!?

Do you see how disconnected they are with reality? They continually choose to live in a delusional world, and their delusional world is what causes them the most grief…nothing everything and anything else OTHER than themselves as they like to believe.

You know because they can’t do wrong, and when they do…it’s always someone else’s fault.

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