Why on Earth would you have to pretend to be satellite distance apart, even having difficulty hearing one another..when in all reality you are standing right next to each other in the same parking lot?

One answer: Because it’s CNN, Folks! In a pathetic attempt to mislead the public once more…Nancy Grace shows us her very best acting skills. What a joke.

Annnnnd ACTION!:

VIA| Nancy Grace, CNN and Ashleigh Banfield have explaining to do. They were both in Phoenix to cover the trial of Jodi Arias.

“It seems that Grace and Banfield are sitting in the same parking lot, facing in the same direction, and judging by the speed of the vehicles in their shots, they cannot be sitting more than 30 feet away from each other,” wrote the Atlantic Wire’s Dashiell Bennett and Philip Bump.

What is the point of faking this?


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3 Responses

  1. Demnis

    This is beyond FAKE NEWS it’s FRAUD NEWS. How they have the gall to call themselves a legitimate news outlet or network baffles me.

  2. jeffrey l ramsey

    now they are stopping this post from being shared. check it out

  3. Mik

    This is BS. If you are giving the info free give the info. No you are selling something. You try to hype people up with your infomercial. I don’t care about any of your sales gimmicks. If it’s free why the BS I am all ready watching just get to the facts.


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