Some states today have become so unsettled and ferocious, as they face so many severe problems because of some liberals that have failed. From their soft-on-crime policies and toxic “defund the police” mania, the outcome of their failed liberal policy, the Americans face the consequences.

Now, they’re harming small businesses which are already suffering from unprecedented inflation thanks to Biden.

And if you leave the hottest pubs in downtown Denver hungry, you might need to travel a little further to find a food truck. Because Democrat-run Denver, police are forcing food trucks to leave the city, saying that in an effort to reduce crime.

In a statement, the Denver Police Department said:

The Denver Police Department recognizes that relocating food trucks may initially cause disruption for the food truck vendors, However, to increase safety for all who visit and work in the LoDo area, including the food truck vendors, DPD believes that having them operate in a different location is a solution to help facilitate people leaving downtown during the out-crowd and to curb large gatherings, during which DPD has seen conflicts and violence.”

The plan was rolled out this weekend, forcing food trucks to move to leave several busy nightlife districts in an effort to more effectively separate the throngs of bar and restaurant clients.

Since last year, there have been a few shootings in the downtown area, including one last month in which three police officers opened fire with their weapons at a guy who allegedly flashed a gun at them, and Denver city officials believe that moving the food trucks will increase safety while decreasing the crowds who gather around them (where the customers are) after a night at the bars will reduce crime more effectively than arresting and prosecuting offenders.

However, several food truck vendors who typically operate in Denver’s LoDo district attended the city council meeting on Monday to voice their concerns after spending the weekend away from their usual locations saying that “They do not believe this is the solution to the issue, and explained to Denver City Council why they think they are being unfairly targeted.”

“It’s feels horrible. And as a new business, woman in business, it’s just hard. It’s already hard. And now we’re making it even harder,” said Leilani Johnson, owner of RJ’s TacoWich. “We did half of our normal sales on a Saturday night… There are better ways to solve this problem that doesn’t involve hurting the small businesses who are trying to perform a service for our community members.”

Another owner of a food truck claimed that the city and the police don’t want us to be working.”

“It affects us big-time, this is our life, our income,” If some bad guy has a gun and goes to the area, we are not responsible for the gun. We are just selling gyros, tacos, pizza,” Mohammad Alissa said.

Crime continues to soar in Denver, and downtown remains one of the city’s violent hotspots Denver has had a Democratic mayor for decades — since 1963, the latest policy experiment for trying out to tamp down crime is to exclude small business owners as one of their slew solutions.

In the name of “equity,” the left’s “defund the police” crusade and Democrats’ refusal to charge and convict offenders have been always a total failure, and because of that, citizens now are carrying the consequences.

Watch it here: Youtube/Denver 7

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