McDonald’s worker was fatally shot in the neck during a dispute in Brooklyn.

The shocking incident took place around 7 PM on Monday outside of a Brooklyn McDonald’s restaurant.

Matthew Webb, 23, of Queens, was fatally shot by Michael Morgan, 20 in the neck after her mother complained about receiving cold French fries, according to authorities.

The dispute started in the restaurant and spilled outside, where a woman’s adult son Morgan pulled out a gun and opened fire on the worker.

Webb was shot in the neck outside the fast-food joint where he worked on Fulton Street near Throop Avenue on Monday evening, allegedly by a man whose mother had argued with Webb about the quality of her fries, officials have said.

More details of this tragic turn of events from ‘The Daily Wire’:

The 23-year-old McDonald’s employee reportedly got into an argument, or tried to intervene in an argument, with Lisa Fulmore, 40, over cold fries at a Brooklyn McDonald’s Monday evening. Fulmore then FaceTimed her son after the heated exchange, ABC 7 New York reported.

Police said that Fulmore’s 20-year-old son Michael Morgan showed up to the restaurant and confronted the employees before going outside where he allegedly shot the victim in the neck. Fulmore claims that the victim showed aggression toward her son before he was shot.

“I talked to my son with the cops. My son is just saying that he gotta do what he gotta do and the [victim] came after him and whatever happened, happened,’’Fulmore told the New York Post.

Fulmore told the tabloid that she returned her order of cold fries, but wasn’t given a fresh replacement. When she attempted to return the fries again, she said the McDonald’s workers laughed at her. “This is when I was on the phone with my son,” Fulmore explained. “I was like, ‘They in this McDonald’s playing with me.’ I was like, I got kids their age, I’m not going to sit here and keep arguing with these little kids.”

Morgan allegedly told his mom he would be “coming in” before showing up at the McDonald’s minutes later. He then allegedly got into an argument with the victim before shooting him. Morgan was arrested shortly after the incident, police said.

The NYPD confirmed the death of Matthew Webb on Friday morning.

Monday’s shooting outside McDonald’s was just the latest incident to turn almost deadly as a result of a customer unhappy with their food order.

In March, two similar incidents took place at two separate NYC McDonald’s: the first when one customer knocked out another customer while they were ordering breakfast on Seventh Avenue, and the second when someone brutally stabbed a worker in East Harlem.

Then, in April, yet another angry customer shot a Chinese food deliveryman to death because the customer didn’t receive enough duck sauce with his order.

Sources: TheDailyWire, ABC 7 New York, New York Post

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