Crooked Gov Whitmer Caught Trying To Restrict Free Movement Yet Again!

Michigan is one of the country’s highest rates of new coronavirus infections, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the state’s top doctor urged Michigan high schools to suspend in-person learning and youth sports to halt all activities for two weeks.

She stressed this is a request, not a mandate. But she said people taking action on their own is the only way Michigan can curb a huge rise in COVID-19 cases in the state.

COVID cases have been surging in Michigan, where there are STILL strict rules, but they are falling in Texas, where mandates are gone, and people are going back to life as usual.

“We all know what works, and this has to be a team effort. We have to do this together — lives depend on it,” Whitmer said Friday at a news conference.

“This is my ask to you, the people of Michigan. Please redouble your efforts on these fronts for the next couple of weeks.”

Whitmer is calling on the federal government to send more of the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine to Michigan and other states where cases are soaring.

Whitmer confirmed speaking with President Joe Biden on Thursday night.

“As always, it was a good conversation. … I made the case for a surge strategy. At this point, that’s not being deployed. But I’m not giving up,” Whitmer said.

Jeff Zients, the COVID-19 response coordinator for the White House COVID-19 Response Team, said Friday “there are tens of millions of people across the country in each and every state and county who have not yet been vaccinated. And the fair and equitable way to distribute the vaccine is based on the adult population by state, tribe and territory.”

Earlier, officials said vaccine doses the federal government already has allocated to Michigan could be shifted to regions where there are hot spots. Whitmer and other officials note that essentially all of Michigan is a hot spot right now.

The bottom line is that lockdowns don’t work, and they cause more problems in any state that has them. Look at Whitmer, Cuomo & Newsom’s decisions on lockdowns, and then look at Texas and Florida. There are completely different outcomes.

Sources: ABC13 News, 100percentfedup