Things just got even worse for Michigan as leftist filmmaker Michael Moore is urging Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to close down the state AGAIN.

Despite widespread economic damage from the state’s earlier round of lockdowns, and further endangering the economic lives of the citizens of Michigan this doesn’t matter to Moore, who’s a multi-millionaire.

On the emergency episode of his podcast “Rumble,” Moore he said that the rising number of COVID cases in the state has created a “tragedy” that he called upon Whitmer to correct. According to Moore, Whitmer has been crippled by fear from the many violent threats she has received.

“I hate to say this because I voted for her for governor, but she has been scared by people who seek to do violence to her, who bullied her,” Moore said. “The business community — the Chamber of Commerce — who have insisted that she reopen everything and this has brought a tragedy upon this upon the state, and so I need everybody’s help in pressuring … Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, to close things down.”

He also pleads in his tweeter about this,

He also insisted that Whitmer should ignore the cries of the business community, recommending that they apply for government help to keep themselves afloat. Moore highlighted that Whitmer comes from a business background and is not anti-business.

“Do not listen to the business community. Yes, they are losing money,” he said. “There are programs to help them with getting some of this money back, and what they can’t get back, there should be other programs that the Biden administration establishes so that these businesses don’t go bankrupt.”

Sources: Dailywire, The Gateway Pundit

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