For those who deny that Islam is gradually – and in some cases, not so gradually – taking over western society, you don’t have to look too far. In fact, you need go no further than our neighbors to the north for a preview of what will be happening in the United States soon.

Canadians have finally succumbed to pressure from the politically correct left and begun instituting official policies that punish non-Muslims for a new crime – offending people of the Islamic faith.

The latest case is a 53-year-old Christian, John Alabi, a Toronto landlord who was found by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to have discriminated against his Muslim tenants.

His crime?

He failed to remove his shoes when he entered their apartment to show it to prospective tenants after they had given notice to vacate.

His fine?

$12,000 – six thousand to the husband and the wife each, plus interest, for not following a Muslim rule even though he is a Christian.

“What about my rights?” asked Alabi. “What about my rights to show my place so I could rent it and put food on the table for my family?”

The father of three has sold the rental house and says he incurred thousands of dollars in legal fees and lost time from work.

“I don’t have the money. I work very hard. If they go into my bank account right now, I don’t have $12,000 there,” says Alabi, the father of three who is expected to pay dearly for a transgression against a rule he didn’t even know existed.

Apart from being shocked by the fundamental unfairness of the ruling of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, it should serve as a cautionary tale for Americans who believe that nothing like that could happen in the U.S.

Pamela Geller, author, anti-Sharia activist and founder of the Jihad Watch blog, says there are many examples in the U.S. of progressives trying to foist similar restrictions on non-Muslims.

“We are already traveling down that path. The foremost indication of this is in the general acceptance of Islamic free-speech restrictions,” said Geller.

Robert Spencer, an editor at Jihad Watch, says Canada has been virtually “conquered” by Islam, which is treated as a protected class.

Meanwhile, Mr. Alabi is left to find a way to provide for his family and pay the $12,000 fine for not removing his shoes in a rental unit he owned.

“It has just shattered me. I am broken. I am broken.”

Americans may well be facing the same fate if the left succeeds in establishing tribunals that punish anyone who dares follow their own faith – or even no faith at all – rather than bowing to Islam.

Please comment below if you believe the progressive left is attempting to implement restrictions upon non-Muslims. The First Amendment prohibits the government from favoring one religion over another.

Source: WND

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  1. Phil Lamar

    Canada is lost as a free nation. I cry for our Canadian brothers and sisters, but they did this to themselves.

  2. Denise Williams

    Sue them back for discrimination, you have case, couple of other issues. Don’t you feel like you were a profiled? Get a good Attorney


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