Busted! The stream of democrats tied to the Russian government continues to flow.

The Democratic Party consists of an outrageous number of  hypocrites and the evidence to support this claim actually exists. Recently it has been discovered that former AG Loretta Lynch allowed the Russian lawyer involved in the alleged collusion by Don Trump Jr into the country without a visa as her’s had been denied. Barack Obama while campaigning for his 2012 presidential election informed his opponent, Mitt Romney, that his attack on Russia was outdated and that the ‘Cold War’ was over. Most recently California Congressman and known anti-Trump advocate Adam Schiff has been caught up in Russian hypocrisy.

Back in 2014 Schiff called for sanctions to be placed on Russian energy as a necessity for the prevention of economic ruin. Hypocritically Schiff has also invested in several energy companies to the tune of over $16,000 and this includes an investment to one company whose current 50% share holder is none other than the Russian government.

Via Swamp Drain:

California Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, one of the biggest Anti-Trump , phony conspiracy promoters was just forced to reveal that he has invested $16,000, or more, in a Russian firm.

A closer look at the files reveal that Adam’s has investments in dozens of Russian energy companies. Gazprom, one such company he towns part of is also owned by the Russian government. In fact, the Russian government owns one half of Gazprom.

Zero evidence has been presented concerning Trump’s Russian collusion and yet the evidence supporting this claim against the left is ever growing.

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