Can You Spot The Woman Lying In The Rocks? You May Be Smarter Than Half Of The Nation!

Johannes Stötter always wanted to be an artist, ever since he was a little boy.

However, he didn’t want to do things the normal way. Still lifes? Landscapes? They weren’t what interested Stötter.

He wanted to paint people. Do you see one below? There’s an ACTUAL human in the pic below, with her body painted.

It may take you a while, but she’s there. If you want the answer scroll down.

Stötter got into body painting, and through tireless effort, he became one of the best, most realistic and visually stunning body painters in the art world.

Check out this image of a parrot!

Now look closer! Thanks to the ingenuity of Stötter, this model in repose perfectly resembles a tropical parrot.

He loves painting models and juxtaposing them to the natural world, to see if his photo-realistic body painting can fool the viewer.

In many cases, it can.

Now look at the painting below. Believe it or not, there Is a model lying flat before you.

If not, try looking at every rock, and see if you can see any features that belong to a human being.

Art like this is unsurpassed in the world of body painting.