Last year, when four thugs from Chicago took to Facebook Live to broadcast the vicious torture of a disabled young man that they had kidnapped it was something that would make people on both sides of the aisle throw up.

However, almost immediately after the video was made public the Chicago Police Department was referring to the horrific incident as a stupid mistake.

We’ve all made stupid mistakes. We’ve forgotten to pay a bill that got lost under a stack of papers, we’ve said things to people we work with that we wish we hadn’t; maybe one of us stole a candy bar when we were twelve. That’s a stupid mistake.

Kidnapping a mentally disabled man and torturing him, broadcasting for all the world to see is not a simple mistake. That is wanton bloodlust and blind hatred.

Heck, even the superintendent of the building where the incident took place called it a stupid mistake. Have the morals of people gotten so out of alignment that they can’t differentiate between a stupid mistake and something that wouldn’t be allowed by the Geneva Convention?

It has been a great deal of time since this horrific incident occurred and it seems that the attitudes of officials in Chicago have not changed one bit.

It has just been announced that the individual that was narrating the torture as it was broadcast live for all the world to see will be the first of the four to be released. Brittany Covington has had a deal brokered for her that states she is barred from having any contact with any of the other participants in the incident and is also barred from using social media for four years.

You know, the same way your mom would ground you for a week if you were found guilty of arson.

It is damn sickening that we live in a time and place where a hate crime occurred against someone simply because these sick people decided they needed to attack someone solely for having the same pigmentation in his skin as Donald Trump.

This was a hate crime pure and simple and they should have been punished accordingly.

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