Several times recently, President Trump has complained and justifiably so that the mainstream media coverage has been hyper focused on only reporting when there was something that they thought was bad to report.

Speaking personally for a moment, my father came to visit recently. He’s in his seventies now and has seen just about there is to see from the political field.

His thoughts on Donald Trump are like this, give the guy a chance.

He added that the way the country is acting on the Democratic side is that if the United States were a high school football team and the players didn’t want to listen to the coach because he made them run two more laps every practice than the last coach they had.

The point is that they never want to say anything positive.

If Donald Trump personally cured cancer tomorrow they would spin it to a negative.

I’m talking all forms of cancer, think of any kind you or a loved one may have had….gone tomorrow.

The mainstream media wouldn’t say, “Donald Trump and team of doctors cure cancer in all forms.”

Instead the report that night when the green light when on for Don Lemon would be that Donald Trump is slashing jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.

When there is good news about the economy that is something that should be shouted from the rooftops because the economy affects pretty much everything in all forms.

The uninformed tend to think that if the factory goes out of business that it’s just the factory.

Nope, it’s the diner a half block away, it’s the convenience store that everyone goes to get their coffee at…so when there is some good news to report the mainstream media of enthusiasm for their country to do well should report it.

But no, they only want to report on when they find something that they think can make someone look bad.

Not to be steamrolled by a sack of lies and mistruths, the President has been doing his part to make sure that news of our amazing economic milestones are brought to us.

Early Saturday morning, however, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders jumped in — describing the “Trump miracle” and taking an obvious swipe at the previous administration’s “hope and change” platform:

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