An incredible video is making its rounds, and something you absolutely don’t want to miss. A six-year-old kid caught a 41-pound MONSTER. What an epic moment! If you love to fish this you’ll absolutely love this clip. Check it out!

VIA| In an amazing story out of the Garden State, a six-year-old boy who has been taken fishing by his grandfather since he was a child caught a 41-pound, 7-ounce striped bass earlier this month. The grandfather was there to film his grandson’s fight with the monster fish from start to finish.

 Young Sam Adams was super excited to reel in a giant bass even if he didn’t win the grand prize and ended up in second place. Sam says he went home a winner.

The fish is already on the line when the video starts. After a minute or two of tough give and go trying to reel in the monster bass, Sam yelled, “I’m tiring him out!”

His even-keeled grandfather then told Sam, “You’re tiring him out, but don’t get cocky!”

The video lasts almost 10 minutes as the plucky youngster from New Jersey gradually reels the fish in.

“Keep that rod tip up little man. Woah! Keep that rod tip up and hold on, boy! You got a big one,” grandfather Scott Adams exhorts.

Just before the one-minute mark, the large fish knocks the boy to his knees. Sam gets right back up and continues his battle with the fish.

This goes on for several minutes, then at the 8:20-mark Sam yells, “You can see the fish.”

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