Man, if there is one thing you do not want to do it is make veterans mad, especially when it comes to our rights.

And especially when it comes to any benefits that we might get as a result of our service. I have a friend of mine who is disabled from his time in the military and I can tell you, despite having a chunk of one of his legs missing, it still took him years to get through the VA system and get the benefits that were due to him.

At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be as easy as the Democratic Party deciding they don’t like you to get your benefits taken away…

Sniveling and vindictive Democrats are actually demanding that patriotic American veterans and retirees have their benefits canceled. For many, that would mean their only source of income stripped away.

It wasn’t bad enough that liberal Democrats stole the election under everyone’s nose and got away with it.

In order to cancel out conservative nationalism once and for all, former President Donald Trump had to be crushed so hard that each and every one of his deplorable supporters would feel the pain. Retired veterans may be screaming in agony real soon.

As part of the Deep State plot, some say the Federal Bureau of Instigation set up the false-flag barbarian invasion, and that the Capitol police were in on the scam. Security virtually conducted free tours that day.

The whole idea was to conceal the psy-op roots of the incident by attracting as many legitimate Trump supporters into the building as they could. Many, some of them veterans, walked in just because the crowd was moving that way.

Now, if MAGA hating Arizona Democrat Ruben Gallego gets his way, Veterans who were allowed to gain access to the Capitol Building on January 6, during the confusion of the staged invasion will be persecuted by liberal progressives and stripped of their monthly pay.

That will teach them to act conservative or wave a flag. Those things are verboten now in the New World Biden Order.

The Democrat got his panties in such a wad that he was forced to send off three separate copies of his nastygram to the secretary of veterans affairs, secretary of defense, and attorney general.

He did some research and came to the conclusion that one in every five who made it inside the building that day had formerly served in the military.

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