Biden FORCING His DOJ To Go After Republican Rivals!

People in power either want to do one of two things, help people, or try to get back at the people that tried to keep them from getting in power.

We’ve all seen people use their power in small ways that would be less than desirable or in an unethical manner. We’ve all taken advantage of some of these things too. Hell, I will admit it.

When they first started introducing digital cable to my small town, my mom and dad wanted to get it so they asked a guy that they knew that was the branch manager of the cable company office what they had in terms of service. He personally came over and installed the cable box himself, something very abnormal even for the late 1990s. What he had done is he had given them a box that didn’t count PPV orders even if you made them. It let you watch them, it just never sent the signal to the company.

He was the manager, and he didn’t care because it didn’t cost him money. Sure, it was the wrong thing to do but damn, PPV was expensive. Anyway, there are people, like Joe Biden who use their power for much more hateful purposes.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) under Joe Biden has been asked to open an investigation into a prominent Republican who has chosen to run his state in a way that contradicts the left-wing agenda.

Florida Democrat Representative Charlie Crist has written an angry letter to acting-Attorney General Monty Wilkinson, asking the DOJ to open an investigation into Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Crist alleges that “DeSantis was selecting coronavirus vaccine administration sites based on the benefit they would produce for his political supporters,” according to reporting by the Political Tribune.

“I write with concern about reports that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is establishing coronavirus vaccine distribution and administration sites to select locations to benefit political allies and donors, over the needs of higher risk communities and existing county waitlists,” Crist’s letter read.

“In several cases, these sites seem to be targeted to wealthy communities with whom Governor DeSantis has clear political connections, allowing some to skip to the front of the line in counties with existing waitlists,” the letter continued.

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