WOW! They Just Burnt Biden’s Gatekeeper Over The Coals On The BBQ Report!

A tweet spreads from the White House, concerning just how Americans are conserving 16 cents this year on BARBEQUE things for their July 4th BARBEQUE – White House felt ashamed of doing so.

16 cents!? Yes, “16 cents” sounds funny, right?

Beware where you spent that money! You must save it because it may help you sometimes, and by 2024 you would have one dollar.

C’mon, are you kidding? What the heck they were thinking about American Citizens with those 16 cents?

Check this tweet below and Don. Jr. is making fun of it.

Highlighting “16 cents” cost savings was not the way to battle the rising cost of living issues and it won’t even help with the inflation talk even if Team Biden is frightened of the inflation that everyone keeps pointing out.

Talking about the White House “16 cent” claim to fame, the White House Press Secretary Jen Psak was “grilled” by the journalists and her answer became famous, but it was so terrible that the tweet was! It’s a taste of your medicine thing.

Psaki again tried to calm the situation, and she emphasized that hotdogs are cheaper since Biden is the President. However, it seems it’s not the case, well it turns out that it’s also a lie, – it’s way higher at a 10-year price.


This admin looks and feels like a traveling gong show.

Would you think that “16 cent” matters? That is worse than ever! Most embarrassing tweet from White House – nothing they can brag about.

Watch it here: Golden State Times/Youtube

Source: WayneDupree