Why This Veteran Was Told He Can’t Honor Fallen Friends Is Absolutely Infuriating!

A Naval officer Lieutenant Commander Joshua Corney has been paying respect to all the men and women that served our country but failed to go back alive in their own families. Every night at 8 pm Corney always plays the military bugle, a recording of taps in his small town of Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

After years of playing the recorded taps, he only received a single complaint from one of his neighbors which he solved by turning the volume down and moving the speaker away from his neighbor’s property. But two years after playing the said military bugle he received a second complaint but this time instead of solving it while approaching him the complainant went directly into the authorities that made their neighborly communication and friendships compromise.

Corney was surprised to receive such a complaint directly from the authorities since all his neighbors were aware of the reason why he plays the taps every night for less than a minute. He never thought that other people would think that that this was too much to pay for the men and women who gave their lives. The local authorities decided to side with his neighbors who made the complaint and told him that he could only play the music on holidays and on Sundays. They warned him that if he was to play it on other days that he would be fined 3,000 dollars. This large fine was enough to have Joshua Corney seek legal counsel.

Shocked with what the authorities said he sought help from the ACLU who is now fighting to help this Lieutenant maintain his first amendment rights. The ACLU is the defendant of the Constitution who is consistently taking on cases that go against the Constitution. ACLU work to defend people’s rights, especially those outlined specifically in the Constitution. Since Joshua Corney was practicing his freedom of speech on his own property at a decent hour there is no reason why the local authorities should have been involved.

Watch it here: York Daily Record/Youtube

Corney couldn’t believe that the one-minute tribute to fallen heroes who didn’t get the chance to come back home alive would be too much for some of his neighbors. Compare to what they had sacrificed for the country the one-minute tribute is a small price for all Americans to pay in exchange for the thousands of Americans who have given their lives to serve this great country and this is the less he can do for them.

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