She Started Yelling About His Military Discount, Than This Veteran Shot Back At Her!

Nothing can compare with the sacrifice our veterans had given up for our freedom. They give up their homes, families, safety, and comfort to protect and fight for us. The freedom and safety were enjoying right now, we owe it to them.

And giving them back for what they have sacrificed couldn’t even measure the things they choose to let go for them. It is very common for the members of the U.S. military to be given some benefits from local businesses, such as small discounts at many fast-food chains, to thank them for their service, hard work, and the sacrifices they made for our country.

But the sad thing is that there are still some people who can’t understand what are these veterans have given for the country.

A video that has been circulating around social media shows an encounter between a veteran and a woman inside a fast-food restaurant. The clip might still be questionable if it is really true or a scripted one it gave a powerful message that the alleged veteran had for the rude woman has caused the video to since go viral.

The said video shows a veteran who asked if the fast-food restaurant he was ordering his meal at the counter offered any military discount an unexpected reaction shocked him as the woman behind him in line has said something that was caught by a bystander’s camera.

The woman standing behind him in line told him he was being rude to ask for the discount. She said he was acting entitled to ask for “special privileges” because he was in the military.

“Wow! That is so rude,” the veteran reacted and then asked her, “What do you mean?”

“All of you think you’re entitled because you’re in the military and you deserve all these special discounts,” the woman says in response to the veteran’s question, and that was all it took for this man to light into her, quickly correcting what he obviously saw as blatant ignorance on her part.

“It’s not a privilege, it’s a discount. A privilege is getting to go home,” the veteran began as he delivered a powerful response to the woman. “To go home to your family every night,” he added, pointing out something our soldiers don’t get to do when they are serving our nation. But, he wasn’t done there.

“To go home in a free country,” he added, continuing to list off things to the woman that we often take for granted. “Because some people give up their privileges so that people like you can have them,” he calmly concluded, although his disgust over her remark was clear.

Right after hearing the veteran’s response the woman quickly said that she no longer wishes to order anything as she begins to leave the restaurant. Another customer quickly rushed and offered to pay for the veteran’s meal but the restaurant manager takes over and gives the veteran his meal for free.

Watch it here: HNTR TV Youtube

Here are some of the comments online after the video was posted on a Facebook page by one of the bystanders who captured the incident:

  • “I would have stepped in and paid for his meal and looked at her and said, ‘unlike you, you ungrateful human being, ninety-nine percent of AMERICA appreciates our soldiers and they deserve a discount. You’re a pathetic human being to speak to a soldierlike this, I would not have been as gracious to you as he was.’”
  • “I have a son in the military. If I was with him, she would have her butt going towards the door with me right behind her.”
  • “People like her (and hopefully there aren’t many) they choose not to recognize the fact that they enjoy freedoms that men & women sacrifice their lives for.”
  • “So lady go live in a place where they do not have these freedoms. And yes they deserve every privilege due them. Not being with their families during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other family happenings. You lady should be ashamed of yourself.”

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