Conservative author and commentator Candace Owens was denied medical care in the form of a coronavirus test by a Colorado laboratory because of her political beliefs.

It happened when Candace Owens tried to make an appointment for a Covid test while visiting Aspen Colorado for a speaking engagement.

As part of their COVID protocol, Ms. Owens has agreed to get tested often even though she isn’t sick and isn’t displaying symptoms.

Anytime she has a business where either proof of vaccination or a negative test is required she is willing to comply with the rules.

Roughly 50 times COVID Tests were undergone by Ms. Owens in the past and was willing to do it again as she moved about the state of Colorado.

However, when one of her staff members tried to schedule her a test at Rocky Mountain Labs, the owner of the lab Suzzanne denied her appointment because she doesn’t agree with Candace Owens politically saying “we cannot support anyone who has pro-actively worked to make this pandemic worse by spreading misinformation and politicizing and discouraging the wearing of masks and actively dissuading people from receiving life-saving vaccinations.”

While she accuses Candace of politicizing Covid, she politicizes it herself by googling Candace Owens, who had booked under her married name, Farmer, and refusing service on political grounds. Pot meet kettle.


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Candace’s snarky post in response to the lunatic leftist that owns the testing facility:

I was banned from taking a Covid test because of my politics!

So I am no longer allowed to comply with covid measures and responsibly test myself for Covid because…they don’t like my politics in Aspen.

Thanks, @rocky_mountain_labs for partnering with a psychotic leftist activist named Suzanna Lee to keep your community safe— from those who believe in medical freedom.

This pandemic is so real and so deadly, that Covid facilities are now googling the names of people who book Covid tests to ensure they vote for Biden.

Here’s the email Candace received from the rabid activist Suzanna Lee, and her witty response to it:

She was willing to let me wander in her community unvaxxed, untested, and without a means to test—why? Because she isn’t afraid. None of you are.

Unvaccinated Joe Rogan recently contracted Covid19. He claims to have had only one- bad day after using alternative treatments which included Ivermectin. Now both Rogan and Owens are trending, and Democrats are furious.

How dare Joe Rogan survive Covid without receiving a questionable vaccination first?!

Ms. Owens is only getting the Covid tests because she is being made to and has willingly gone along in order to fly and move about freely in the country. And those that have insisted on the constant testing are now gleeful that a facility, owned and operated by a mouth-breathing kook will not administer that test. They’re happy that she is not able to comply with the demands they have placed on her. Let that sink in.

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