Whitmer The Witch Now Thinks She Is The Prime Minister Of Canada!

After destroying Michigan’s economy, Whitmer now advises Canadian Leaders to shut down the protesters to save the economy. Really? And it’s totally coming from you?

I just don’t understand why this witch is so entitled to everything, and now she thinks she is the PM of Canada.

Recently, Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy continues to fight for their rights and wanted to negotiate with their so-called leader but instead, JT warned them that they will be cracked down.

This advice came from the woman who have destroyed Michigan and earned the name, ‘lockdown queen’ and suddenly took a keen interest in Michigan’s economy.

Yes, you heard it right. Whitmer is the person responsible for putting COVID-19 patients into nursing homes and assisted living centers with some of the most vulnerable citizens in her state while destroying the livelihoods of millions of Michigan.

She also managed to dismantle thousands of businesses with her unscientific, draconian lockdowns…

No wonder why Michigan became the #6 on the nation’s list for citizens fleeing the state for a better life.

Lockdown Queen has recently issued a statement to Canada’s local, provincial, and national government officials, demanding they deal with the protesters.

She said, “My message is simple, Reopen the traffic on the bridge.”

She is being one-sided on this issue and did not even bother to question why these truckers are here in the first place. Well, She is a Democrat.

The Ambassador Bridge continues to be barricaded by Canadian truckers, blocking off traffic from Detroit into Windsor, Ontario on its fourth day.

Another Democrat is sympathizing Whitmer is just another buster. Rep. Elissa Slotkin posted this on her Twitter account.

They easily forget the damages they did and now act like they have done nothing wrong but Michigan residents will never forget about that.

If you compare the situation at the Ambassador Bridge to Michigan, the blockages are small peanuts compared to what these iron-fisted Democrats have done.

Source: 100% FedUp