Santa Claus is coming to town so she better not pout – and he’s bringing her even more lip filler.

A  24-year-old Bulgarian woman, Andrea Ivanova had her first round of lip injections in 2018 when she was 21 years old and proudly boasts of having the world’s biggest lips while calling herself the “Balkan Barbie.”

Many reports confirmed that Ivanova is having her lips injected for the 27th time this Christmas, in order to enhance her pout even more.

Ivanova has spent thousands of dollars on these cosmetic body modifications. It’s only been three years since she embarked on her journey of physical enhancement, but she has already amassed a loyal legion of online supporters, some of whom regularly offer her money or invite her on free trips.

Having the biggest lips is just one of many missions, reportedly she wants to undergo more plastic surgery to look like a doll.

Ivanova hopes to enlarge her cheekbones in the coming months so she can resemble the popular doll that she is eager to look like.

Despite having more than two dozen procedures, Ivanova said she isn’t worried about her big lips bursting. And the injections don’t really come cheap. Each of her injections cost around $265, which means that Ivanova has spent more than $5,000 perfecting her pout

Ivanova first had filler several years ago when she was feeling insecure about her thin lips. She said she immediately gained a sense of self-confidence — and the attention of men.

She said in a statement:

“Many men from all over the world would write to me on my social media networks offering me money, trips, and inviting me to meetings all the time.”

Ivanova has now clocked more than 9,000 followers on Instagram, with many fans enamored by her plump pout.

Folks online frequently shower Ivanova with compliments, saying:

“My favorite lips,” wrote one fan.

Another wrote, “You are gorgeous, a total babe!”

“World’s best lips,” someone else said

A big fan wrote, “Fantastic? I would love to be the man who has the honor to have a wonderful dinner with you… Let me know….”

Source: AWM

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