In Biden’s America, everything is in shortage. But this story of one Texas man proves he’s a better man than Biden who does nothing to solve the shortages we are experiencing right now.

Amid a nationwide baby formula shortage, one North Texas restaurant is doing what it can to help.

Millions of parents are facing empty shelves as the nation struggles with a baby formula shortage.

More than 40% of the formula is out of stock.

The shortage spiraled due to a strained supply chain plus Abbott Nutrition’s re-call of infant formula and the February shutdown of a Michigan plant due to recalls. The FDA announced Monday that the plant can begin the reopening process, but it could be another two months before its formula is available again on store shelves.

As the shortage of infant formula causes families across the country to scramble for alternatives, one restaurant owner is assisting his community by providing free cans. A Mansfield restaurant owner is providing free baby formula to needy families.

Last week, Benji Arslanovski, owner of Our Place Restaurants in Mansfield, began giving away free formulas to local parents.

Arslanovski used to work for US Foods and now gets his restaurant supplies from the distributor. He noticed that US Foods had baby formula in stock and decided to get some because it was desperately needed. He started with six cases and had given them all away by the weekend.

Arslanovski has distributed more than 50 cases of formula to needy families through his restaurants in Mansfield and Burleson. He describes the effort as “payback” for a community that has been so generous to him.

Here’s what he said:

“The community has been great to me during COVID. Business would stop by, they would tip servers, even though we weren’t open for dining. Every day was a blessing. So this is my way of returning the favor.”

The Biden Administration promises to work with manufacturers to import the formula; however, the formula could be ready in two months.

Communities are stepping up in the meantime, despite experts warning that the shortage could last for months.

Watch it here: Youtube/FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth

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