CBS News was the first outlet to share a public photo of the most controversial Hunter Biden’s laptop which Hunter’s legal and investigative team claims they have the actual laptop that was missing in 2019.

Did the FBI hand over the one in its possession (missing laptop) to Hunter?

It was known that the FBI took Hunter’s laptop and it has never been returned to the rightful owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer store repairman.

So if the Hunter team has that laptop then the FBI broke the law by giving Hunter’s team something that wasn’t Hunter’s property. Right?

Below is the alleged Hunter’s laptop that was missing in 2019, CBS News shared the first public photo:

Hunter Biden’s legal and investigative operation has been conducting forensic tests on a MacBook Pro the president’s son lost track of in 2019, providing CBS News with what it says is the first public photo of that once missing laptop.

team led by Kevin Morris, an entertainment lawyer best known for crafting a 9-figure deal for the creators of the animated series “South Park,” has been probing the backstory of how another Hunter Biden laptop containing what appear to be years of personal and intimate emails and business records found its way to news reporters and authorities. The effort appears to be aimed at blunting the impact of an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax records and business dealings by sowing doubts about that computer, which made headlines in 2020.

A source from Hunter Biden’s team of advisers told CBS News the laptop now in their possession may be the key to determining if anything was altered or added to that second laptop discovered at a Delaware repair shop — or to the other hard drives that have journeyed through multiple sets of hands,

The Gateway Pundit previously reported about Hunter’s three MacBook Pro laptops with damage. If the Hunter team has the other two laptops presented to the repairman, then we have no idea what is on those laptops.

John Paul Mac Isaac joined The Joe Hoft Show on the Real Talk Radio Network on Friday, April 15th. Mac Isaac’s life turned upside down a couple of years ago when about 10 minutes before closing on April 12, 2019, Hunter Biden stumbled into his shop.  Isaacs said he was not in great shape.

Hunter had three MacBook pro laptops with water damage.  One was destroyed beyond repair and he gave that back to Hunter.  The other required a keyboard that he loaned to Hunter.  He never got that one back.  The third laptop Hunter left with Mac Isaacs to fix.

This third laptop had problems with power where it would shut off periodically so Mac Isaacs took some time to download the data from that machine.  During this download process, Mac Isaac began to notice lots of porn and lots of financial information.

Eventually, he completed his task but Hunter never showed up, even after repeated calls.  Sometime later Mac Isaacs reached out to his father in New Mexica and had him reach out to the FBI.  The FBI out East eventually did stop by and grab the laptop but he knew they were never going to do anything with it.

What I had seen on that drive, there was more than enough evidence of wrong doing in the Ukraine under the previous [Obama] Administration that merited a phone call…

When the FBI exited his shop, Mac Isaac said he cracked a joke and the FBI Agent turned and said:

Nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk about these kind of things.  I saw that as a thinly veiled threat so I made zero effort to talk to the FBI after that point.  I did get a phone call from that same agent about two weeks later before Christmas asking if anybody had come in representing Hunter requesting the equipment. And he seemed actually kinda surprised so by this time I was nervous that the FBI’s agenda no longer [was] concerned with my safety and concerned about getting that laptop back to the previous owner.

Obviously, when that impeachment trial happened and that laptop was no longer to be seen, I knew I was in trouble because if the FBI wasn’t going to submit that as evidence, then it’s probably at the bottom of the river.  What does that mean?  What’s going to happen to me?

Eventually, Mac Isaac got a copy of the drive to Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s attorney.

I figured my days were numbered so I stepped out of the shadows and I traded my fear for courage and I reached out to Rudy Giuliani’s office…

…I know a couple articles came out on The Gateway Pundit that were fundimental in defending my actions.  Especially a time when I was being labeled a Russia spy, a stooge for Putin, a hacker.  The Gateway Pundit did step up and I believe was the first publication out there to say something positive about me.  I’m grateful for that.

When asked about recent reports that there is 450 gig of data that has been found on the laptop, Mac Isaac says that there was no way in hell you could get 450 gig on the laptop.

If there is another laptop, then he needs to be honest with that because my laptop was acquired lawfully… [this] muddies the water.

Watch the entire interview here (Proceed to the bottom part of the article for the rumble video): Thegatewaypundit/Rumble

Source: Thegatewaypundit


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